This site is the hub for the Local Children's Cabinet Network, co-hosted and co-managed by the Children's Funding Project, Education Redesign Lab (EdRedesign) at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the Forum for Youth Investment. The Network supports the growing number of communities across the country that have committed to move beyond traditional, fragmented approaches to serving children and youth by convening a children’s cabinet to improve child and youth outcomes.

Our Mission

Supporting children and youth through equitable systems building at the local level

What is a children’s cabinet?

Children’s cabinets are policy- and action-coordinating bodies that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government and community partners in making sure all children and youth thrive in school and in life, including by confronting the systemic and institutional barriers that so many face due to their race, ethnicity, nationality, language, gender or sexual identity, or ability status. While cabinets vary from place to place, they often include the heads of government agencies, business, and nonprofit organizations that have a major stake in child- and youth-serving programs as well as youth and family representatives.

Children’s cabinets meet regularly to foster the well-being of young people by:
•    Developing shared goals or strategic plans to support children and youth
•    Coordinate services and policies to take a comprehensive approach 
•    Collaboratively decide upon and implement targeted initiatives to advance high priorities

Who can participate in the Network?

We are a growing community of localities – towns, cities, counties, and regions – committed to improving the lives of children and youth and strengthening equity in our communities by working together across policy areas, sectors, and stakeholders. Some of us have operated a children’s cabinet for decades, and others are newly starting up. To find out if your community might be a fit, please complete our brief intake form, and we will follow up with you soon. 

How is this free network supported?

We are grateful to the funders who make it possible to operate the Local Children’s Cabinet Network. These organizations include the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Kresge Foundation.

Partner Organizations

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